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Pooja Tarot's & Healing, Malad West, Mumbai
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About Pooja Tarot's & Healing, Malad West, Mumbai

Pooja Tarot's & Healing, Malad West, Mumbai “Pooja Mathur” originates from a long line of natural clairvoyants. Even in childhood she astonished her family and friends with the gift that she had been given. Although being a born psychic, she has inherited this gift from her grandmother. Her earlier childhood was steeped in” know in” what would happen. Spontaneously she reacted to these “knowings” as if they were facts, something she readily was not until 21 that she discovered that other people did not “know” and experience things in the way she did.“Pooja Mathur” is a well-known tarot card reader .she not only is a tarot card reader but also does therapies like, metaphor therapy, theta healing, chakra diagnosis, clinical hypnotherapy, past life regression & connectivity healing. Ask her and you can get perfect predictions and easy solutions about problems with career, health, money, love, marriage, relationship, black magic…etc. She can also help you correct your genetic disorders…, help you to become happy, successful and manifest your life…!!As a solution- focused therapist, her goal is to help you uncover your true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating. While difficult situations of the past cannot be undone, she works to put them behind you where they applying alternative, cognitive, or complementary therapy approaches and techniques. She will unearth long-standing behavior patterns or negative perceptions that may be holding you back from experiencing a fulfilling and meaningful life. She has a strong commitment to her own personal growth and has a distinct ability to share her knowledge and skills with her clients in a way that unlocks their greatest potential!After being taught how to connect with the creator to co-create and facilitate these unique processes, she knew that she must share this gift with as many people as she could .it was this love and appreciation for the creator and humankind that allowed her to develop the ability to see clearly into the human body and witness many instantaneous healings. Her encyclopedic knowledge of the body's systems and deep understanding of the human psyche, based on her experience as well as the insight given to her by the creator, makes her the perfect practitioner of these amazing techniques. She has successfully worked with such medical challenges You can reach us and contact : Pooja Mathhur Mumbai, Maharashtra - India

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