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China ‘Superpower’ to produce genius babies
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China ‘Superpower’ to produce genius babies

Beijing: In its relentless pursuit to be the world’s next big superpower, China is believed to be working on a project to produce genius babies.

According to a Vice news report, Monday, scientists in China have collected DNA samples of 2,000 of the world’s smartest people.


The scientists at the BGI (Beijing Genomics Institute) Shenzhen are now sequencing the entire genomes in a bid to recognise the alleles

which determine human intelligence.

Once it is done, embryo screening will let parents choose their brightest zygote.

The process will reportedly improve every generation's intelligence by up to 15 IQ points.

Already known as the world’s factory, it remains to be seen whether China can tweak the evolutionary process to ‘manufacture’ children who will match its needs.

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