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5 Things To Unlearn From Psy’s Gentleman
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PSYPsy is once again in the news. This time for a new video called Gentleman that is out there breaking all records after Gangnam Style. Ironically, there is nothing gentlemanly about the song or the video.

While the song can pass off in good humor as entertainment, we would not want you to do some of the things he does in the video. These are as follows:



Disrespecting women

Perhaps the biggest bugbear we have with the video is that it blatantly disrespects women. From Psy is downright rude and even gets violent, not to mention sleazy, at the women in the video. He deliberately causes them to trip and fall and then laughs at them. He rips off a bikini top and apparently makes another woman smell his fart. This is not amusing, just plain sad. We will disown you if you ever do any of these.


Slurping Food

In one section of the video, Psy is seen sitting with a woman with whom he tries to share food. In a bid to prove his sexiness, he begins slurping noodles in the most ingratiating way. The girl who sits opposite him is not going to dance with you if you do this in real life. Try to concentrate on food whenever it is placed in front of you instead of making weird faces and biting food off your neck like Psy.


Dancing On The Road

Psy takes his horse dancing and other new steps in public places like libraries and coffee shops this time around. However, much like loud and over-the-top Bollywood songs, the effect in the video is loud and over the top as well. Dancing on the road, even during weddings and festivals, is not something you should ever indulge in out of public decency.


Damaging Public Property

Towards the end of the video, Psy is seen attacking a pole with vengeance while singing ‘I’m a mother-father gentleman’ over and over again. Before that, he is seen twisting and damaging a traffic cone as well. Never, ever, do this with public property otherwise retribution can be quick. Already, KBS, a major South Korean network, has banned the video on its network as he is attacking public property.

Wearing Weird Stuff

It is ok for rappers who go ‘Gonna make you sweat. Gonna make you wet. You know who I am. Wet PSY! Wet PSY! Wet PSY! Wet PSY! PSY! PSY! PSY!’ to wear hideous clothes even if they cannot pull it off, as is clearly seen by the diamond-studded jacket and weird eyeglasses the singer sports. But you are not Psy, or even a rapper really. We suggest you dress appropriately for your outings even when there is no camera on you.

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