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Key Issues and Prevention of Nuclear Terrorism
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Ancient time on wards man faced wars and calamities. During those times weapons made out of metals, stones etc were used. By the passage of time the nature of war has also changed. Guns, missiles, war planes were used for new ways of wars. That scenario also changed with the invention of nuclear weapons.


In 1945 the Americans dropped the first nuclear bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. It made America the first nuclear power nation. The destruction resulted from this attack made protest all over the world and many countries propagated against nuclear power. But some countries believed that having own nuclear power stations will enable them to be the leader or influential countries in the world. Apart from this they wanted to provide the nuclear power to their defense wing to protect their country from their enemies. India also has the nuclear power which was known to the world from its experimental explosion in Pokhran in the year 1998.

The countries having nuclear power do not use it for any malicious purpose. It is reserved as a security against the attack from the enemies. Only at a critical stage nuclear bombs are used that too after thorough scrutinization from the country’s administrative and political sector.


It is dangerous to the world when it is handled by the terrorists. Terrorism is the biggest atrocity faced by the whole world. Terrorist centers are equipped with most modern war equipments and systems. Even though there is no authorized information whether they are having nuclear weapons including nuclear bombs it is a quite understood fact that influential terrorist groups possess nuclear bombs and weapons which are much more advanced than a country has.

The prevention of such groups should be discussed in world summits and proper defense forces should be used for suppressing terrorist attacks in any form. The world leaders should realize that nuclear terrorism is the grievous threat faced by the world today. The world has to unite against this otherwise the consequence to be faced by any nation will be disastrous.

To preserve our future generations from terrorism is the extreme important topic to be discussed and all possible sources of prevention have to be implemented immediately.


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